I can not sit down

Amanda - amandabrown55@aol.com

I believe that I have been suffering with the symptoms of coccydynia for 5 months now. I have seen muscleletal, orthopedic, neurological specialists and had MRI scans (back and brain), injections (steroid) and chiropractic treatment however nothing was found or has helped and I still am in terrible pain. The last specialist said that there is nothing further that he can do to help me except refer me to a clinical pain psychologist. I really feel at the end of my tether with this now as I can not sit down and therefore can not work and have just been sacked from my job.

I have got a special wedge and use ice regularly these help a bit but the pain is still terrible.

Do you know anyone who can help me or have any advice? I am willing to do anything to sort this out.

Many Thanks


Updated 2004-09-26

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