Coccyx pain gone after coccygeal manipulation

Bob -

I have been referring to this web site for four years, hoping, like many of you, to find the answer to my problem. I FOUND THE MAN TO FIX MY PROBLEM.

At the age of 51, I pulled my calf muscle playing handball. Six weeks after sitting around the house, with leg elevated, and with ice on my calf, I had pain in the area of my tailbone. A lumbar spine series showed a posterior and left lateral displacement of my coccyx.

Eric Douglass performed a COCCYGEAL MOBILIZATION on my coccyx last week. My coccyx is now back in place and I have been relieved of the pain that I suffered with for the past four years. My personal story is not important. What is important is for YOU to get the help needed to stop YOUR pain.

Eric Douglass, PT, DPT, OCS at the Douglass Orthopedic & Spine Rehabilitation, 24820 Burnt Pine Drive, Suite 4, Bonita Springs, Florida, 34134 Phone: 239-947-4184

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Updated 2004-11-14

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