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Diane Jackson -

Hi, My name Diane. Yesterday my doctor diagnosed coccydynia, and gave me some Vioxx tablets. So far they don't seem to have kicked in, as I'm in absolute agony. I've had spinal operations since 1996, and 3 spinal fusions. I don't know why this has happened, I've done nothing to aggravate it, only had sex, but surely that wouldn't cause it. It seems to have started for no apparent reason. I've even had to phone my spinal surgeon up, Mr Krishna, to get an appointment to see him.

I can honestly say, that I've never, ever experienced, anything like this before, the pain is excruciating. I've had no sleep, I can't stand, or sit, for long. It feels like I've been kicked up the bum 1000 times, a sort of bruisy/stinging pain. All I can do is, sit and cry, when I do sit down, I then get shooting pains, up the left side of my back.

I would love some help, I'm desperate.

Diane Jackson

Updated 2004-03-21

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