Sleeping on the floor

James T -

Hi, I'm 25 years old, male living in sunny south Florida. Nice humid weather aside, ... Dayum, what is going on lately with my BUTT!? Tried sitting in a chair then lifting your leg out? BAD IDEA! My gosh, at first I wasn't to sure what this pain was, now after reading from this website, I'm convinced my tail bone is injured.

Actually after spending the night at mothers house, a full house, where I got the lovely blow up mattress, I've had this pain. What happened was during my terrible sleep that night, the mattress decided to do me a favor and deflate. (Cats fault I'm sure!) Well I remember waking up during the night and feeling myself FLAT on the floor, saying ... shit, this sucks, but being to tired to care, so I just slept there on the floor face to the ceiling. When mom woke me to coffee, I got up and crippled over like I was 78! Mother saw the mattress and was like what happened. Screw the blow up, what about my BUTT! She giggled and said, 'Oh honey , you probably bruised your tailbone'. I just brushed it off really. Went home, and the pain is STILL around. It's been a month now.

The kicker is...I HAVE TO SIT TO WORK! I'm in a music studio glued to synthesizers and computers...if you can imagine (OH, and playing excellent keyboards require a VERY upright position, which is almost impossible now. There is just no way around this pain, thus yet.

Now, I must say that I did, or I guess still do, have a herniation of L5-S1 vertebra, which from reading says might play a factor. I doubt that it's anything tumorous, being as I noticed the pain after what seems to be a 'injury' (sleeping on the FLOOR). I guess the bottom line is I need to be seen. Back to my orthopedic, whom I thought I'd hopefully never see again. Giggle, all he did for me last year with the herniation, was PT and pain medication. Davrocet, which by the way, only made the pain less worry some, seeing as my mood was improved, but um...the pain was still there. I've just stopped taking meds, seeing the Dr. and started accepting the fact that I have with it. (Some old school thought I'm sure). But now I've those feelings again of, WHY ME... I shouldn't have to take this. So I'm going to set up an appointment. When that is said and done I'll give you the post results.

It's just nice that this site was there for my curiosities! Thanks....

James T

Hollywood, Florida

Updated 2004-07-25

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