Constipation and bloating after coccyx injury

Monica -

Posted 2004-04-25

Hi, my name is Monica from Spain. I wrote a message, to Jon Miles, five months ago when I fell on my coccyx and bent it. Jon and this page have been very useful to help manage the pain.

I started getting chiropractic manipulations for the coccyx six weeks after the injury - I probably don't need to mention how terribly unpleasant they are because most of the time the manipulation is through the rectum - and a recent X-ray shows no improvement at all. A chiropractic doctor in LA warned me that manipulation alone does not get the job done because you need to hold the t-bone in place. For that you need prolotherapy injections at the site (some new thing that is composed of glucose that helps the healing of cartilage).

The only reason I didn't get prolotherapy at NMS Solutions is because I don't live in LA anymore, I live in Spain. I even considered going back to get the treatment. After reading Anonymous's message I am glad I didn't.

I only tried internal chiropractic manipulations - about 8 times - of my bent coccyx starting 5-6 weeks after I fell on it. Unfortunately the manipulations didn't unbend my coccyx a bit as was shown by the X-ray. Chiropractors say that you can manipulate a coccyx even if the injury is old but in my case it didn't work at all even though the chiropractor was a reputable US doctor here in Spain and he said he could feel that he was able to move it back to a more natural position while manipulating it.

The pain is still there and I am bloated and constipated all the time even though I eat a lot of fiber and my regular doctors checked everything and said that I am OK. If anybody is experiencing this bloating and constipation and knows what to do please let me know.

Anyway, good luck to everybody!!


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