When can I get back to cycling?

Reza - gorjestani@yahoo.com

I suffered a cycling accident, where I was hit from behind by a car travelling in excess of 35 mph. Fortunately I was cycling at about 20 mph so the net effect was not as bad as it could have been. The accident happened nearly 5 weeks ago. At first I had severe bruising on my lower back and buttock. I was taken to the hospital from the scene of the accident and the X-rays revealed no broken bones.

I spent the next week on pain killers, until the pain got to a reasonable level. After visiting my GP he advised me to purchase a coccyx cushion. This has been very useful for limiting the pain. however, any period of sitting down longer than 15 minutes without the cushion still causes pain.

I have attempted to cycle and the pain comes back relatively quickly, even though my saddle is coccyx-friendly.

I am an amateur cyclist and would love to start training again. The 2004 season seems like a write-off since I won't be able to do my long distance training.

Does anyone know how long it might take for a full recovery? Or if I could cycle competitively again?


Updated 2004-01-04

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