New and wondering about my recent fall

Sue -

My name is Sue. I recently fell at work. I fell backwards out of a parked semi. When I landed, I landed in gravel, and cracked a bone in my right wrist. I also had pain in the right cheek of my behind. The days following the fall, I could barely get into and out of my car, and had great difficulty climbing the stairs to my office at work. It's now only 11 days later, but I am still having problems with the area around my tailbone, and the small of my back.

When I went to the clinic after the fall, they seemed to pass up the area, focusing mainly on my arm, but did put an ice pack on my behind, then hooked up pads and gave me some type of electrical current to my behind. Needless to say this was not one of my better moments.

After having my arm casted, I returned to work and finished up the day which was not easy. The doctor at the clinic told me this past Friday that if I'm still having trouble when I come in for my next appointment, that he will want to x-ray the area. I'm really scared about all of this, and am having problems getting through my days at work since the fall. I'm also scared because from what I am seeing here, this could get much worse over time, and the clinic that I'm dealing with is the company clinic. It reminds me much of taking some very strange trips to the "Twilight Zone".

Please help...I'm in Indiana if anyone knows of any good doctors here.

Thanks for reading,


Updated 2004-04-18

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