Coccyx problem: my wife's experience

Anonymous -

My wife has had a problem for over a year. No real cause, just suddenly had a problem sitting and with her low back. She went to an orthopedic doc first who gave hear physical therapy for 2 months. This did not help and, in fact, made it worse. Then she went to a general pain doctor (anesthesiologist) who tried some general pain blocks (epidurals). This helped for 30 days and then the pain returned. A cushion donut with back part cut out has helped a bit.

Finally was referred to a new pain doc (who is a D.O. with specialty in pain). Doctors of Osteopathy have more training in the musculature than Medical Doctors receive. He took time to make a diagnosis at her first meeting and determined it was coccyxdynia and a problem in the SI area. He manually adjusted the coccyx via the rectum and got it back into proper alignment. He developed a treatment course for her and hoped to have her back to health in 2-3 months. There was hope!!

First, he did injections under fluoroscopy into very specific spots in the coccyx area. Response was very good and lasting. Then he injected other spots in the general area of the coccyx (again under fluoroscopy). Again with good response. This is where we are right now. She is presently 80% pain free in the coccyx area but still has problems in the low back. Doctor is now scheduling injections in the SI area to see if this will help. Once he breaks the pain cycles, he plans for her to have physical therapy to get her back into shape.

We are not done yet but she is much better and is starting to see some hope for the future. So my advice (based on a study of one):

My sympathy and concern goes to all who have problems of this type. I have seen (up close) the effect that this has had on my wife and while it is not life-threatening, it is a very serious problem. Keep trying different doctors until you find one who can help. Keep surgery as the last resort and only go to one of the doctors listed on this site.

Updated 2004-05-30

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