Pain began several months into pregnancy - had c-section


A few months into my pregnancy with twins (when they were tiny and didn't put any pressure on my back), I developed terrible nagging pain at the base of my spine.  I asked all kinds of women about it and they said at the end of the pregnancy they had pain from carrying all that baby around.  However, I wasn't doing that.  I was a teacher and had been told by my doctor to do it largely from sitting.  The last 2 months I was on bedrest, with limited sitting (on a couch or in bed).  I delivered by c-section, so there was no delivery pressure there. 

The pain went away, but now my babies are 22 months old and it's coming back worse and worse, for several weeks.  I had no idea what was wrong, except my very tailbone hurt.  (My husband thought it was quite funny I wanted him to massage it - but it's the only thing to bring relief.)  I thought it was just my posture, which I'm sure contributes. 

Now armed with information, I can seek help.  Thank you again.  

Updated 2004-02-01

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