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Michelle -

First of all Thank you so much for this great site. I am so thankful to know I am not alone. Ok I am in the market for a great doctor here in Mpls, Minnesota. My injury occurred 5 years ago during child birth. I knew right away that "something" was more painful then usual. Unfortunately there was never a diagnosis just a little sympathy, along with "Oh honey it will all be better soon." Well it wasn't.

I began to pursue orthopedic surgeons who said they would take that coccyx bone right out. At that time I was very fearful. My husband and I had three small children at that time. We still have three, there are just older. All of the doctors I have seen to date have most have been willing to perform the technically easy surgery, but I have not had the confidence needed to go forth. I also was very worried at the low number of actually procedures each had performed. The most one doctor had done was 8, 6 good and 2 the same.

But after finding this site I began to have hope. I found the site just 3 days ago. All the stories I have read speak of hope and less pain, just hearing that made me cry. These past five years have totally changed me. Having chronic pain has left me, sad and tired. For two of the years I was Zoloft, and I have tried all the other "cures" that many on the site have done with the same sorry results.

I have grown weary with the pain and am now searching for the right doctor. I would ideally like to have the surgery done before Christmas. If you have any leads I would be forever grateful

Updated 2004-09-05

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