Coccyx pain since July Moms!

John's Daughter -

Hello Young Mothers out there. I need some help, opinions, and advice. I currently have pain in what I think is my coccyx. This past month it has actually become something I really can feel after sitting a long time, even when I lay or sleep or my back. It is affecting me now to the point where I have told people and I looked up the subject and found this site! This site has a lot of information but at the same time it makes me feel a little nervous and confused at what to do if I visit a doctor. Some of the comfort measures sound so personal. But I do not want to be in pain if I do not have to be.

I feel a general soreness some parts of the day when I am not occupied mentally or physically. I am in my mid twenties, and I had my fourth child last August. I finally remembered that I DID fall down on the cement stairs at a shopping center at the end of May. And I remember realizing I was having discomfort, then pain in July. And now ever since then. It gets worse when I am somewhere sitting directly on the floor or the grass. I feel relief when I tilt myself like in the cat stretch position.

Another thing that may be a factor is that I was losing weight during this time slowly but also in July I lost more weight, a lot of which came off in my behind. So NO cushion anywhere. Sometimes, even when I lay on my side I can feel "something". I can feel a difference when I do the exercise you would do if you wanted to hold and unhold your urine. Kegels. I have tried making a little U shaped pad to sit on the past two days and I can feel relief. I have noticed that I have sharp pains in my left hip area now too. Is this related? Oh, what else? If I actually Find the bone and "cup" the area or firmly press it is very sore. I currently do not take pain medications or anything like that.

So part of what I want to know is, what do I do to try to find out what the Problem is and Not Just relieve the Pains? What would be the most reasonable on the pocket? Could it be from childbirth and the fall combined? What else can I do for the pain, I would like to be able to sit at the computer and other places and also get some sleep that is comfortable. Should I do glute exercises and kegels and maybe even consider gaining weight?

Thanks in advance.

Updated 2004-11-28

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