Coccyx pain has been cured

Lee -

I am hoping that the account of Mum's experience might help you if you haven't found a specialist that can help you yet.

Mum lives in Ireland and for the past two years was living the hell of coccyx pain. She has no idea how it all started. She originally she self diagnosed it as piles ( as she would - she hates to bother Doctors and make a fuss!) and then she ended up doing the rounds of seeing specialists and some gruelling examinations etc. They clearly did not know what to do with her and she couldn't take pain killers because she always reacts badly to pills.

She had cancer 11 years ago but had the all clear for 10 years and still they spent most of the year just verifying that is wasn't cancer and so it went on and on with no satisfaction. My brother found the coccyx site and I read about other people's experiences. I was interested to read that there was a specialist in London where I live and as Mum had planned to visit for a christening event I suggested that she should see Dr Durtnall in Kensington (See List of doctors and specialists in the UK). I spoke with his receptionist and briefly with him and I could tell that this is where my Mum needed to be, they were so understanding and clearly knew so much about what the patient goes through.

So a week ago Mum went to see him and he did an x-ray there and then, saw that one of the coccyx bones had flipped the wrong way over and luckily the bones had not re-fused together in this new configuration. He asked if she was up to him doing some manipulation and my Mum said no problem. He clicked the misaligned bone back into place and gave her some acupuncture to help the body heal. From that moment she has been like a new person she can hop on an off a chair without taking 5 minutes to edge herself off the chair etc. She is tender from the needles but it is nothing compared to the 'red hot poker' feeling that she constantly had. She will be going back to him in a months time for more acupuncture. She is taking a pain killer like ibuprofen occasionally now to help with the healing. I cannot tell you what a miracle this has been for us as a family.

Regards Lee

Updated 2004-10-24

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