Bruised sensation around the coccyx


This is a strange one, but just before I realised I was pregnant 11 months ago, I noticed a bruised feeling sensation around the muscle area covering my coccyx. I didn't seem to notice it as much whilst I was pregnant but it seems to be back. It is not a pain, just a bruised sensation when I sit on it, ie. when I slouch, really therefore putting pressure on my coccyx. Some days it is more noticeable than others.

Sometimes if I sit slouching I get a numbness too. You know the saying numb bum. Again that is not all the time either. I mentioned it time and time again whilst visiting my doctor and he just says it could be little piles or hormones from my pregnancy. I feel he's not really interested. Some days I don't notice it and others I do, but it is not constant and doesn't wake me when I am asleep. Just wondered really if anyone was having the same or experienced it. It doesn't make me feel ill in the slightest and it is only when I am sitting. Don't really notice it sitting in a comfy seat. I did suffer with sciatica whilst pregnant, and again I am not in lots of pain, strange.

Updated 2004-02-01

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