The slightest fall sets it off again


I am a 14 year old boy. I am very active in sports such as soccer, skiing, tennis, football, swimming, and of course what has caused my coccyx to be injured, About 5 years ago I was playing in a roller hockey game when I fell really hard on my tail bone. I was not wearing a hip pads which would have probably helped a lot considering they cover your hips, entire back side, etc.

Ever since then my coccyx has been killing me. There is on and off stages. Every few months or so it will heal and feel better. Of course, being a 14 year old jock, I am constantly playing sports. From the slightest or smallest fall it will be triggered and I will be in agonizing pain.

It is literally a pain in the a$$. I have had an MRI have seen different kinds of doctors and they can't find anything. It is a constant obstacle to have and it takes away from my athletic life. I had to leave my hockey practice tonight because I was just in too much pain.

Updated 2004-10-31

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