Great frustration

Melissa -

Hey everyone I am so excited to see this website, and for my situation this has been more help than any doctors I have been to. Here is my situation, and I am dying to hear if anyone has a related story because at this point I am scared and tired of being in pain.

I am 23 years old with severe chronic back, leg, and hip pain, and was just diagnosed with coccydynia last week. Kinda. I have over 8 years of pain history, starting with torn muscles, compression fractures in my L1 and L6, all before I was 17, serious tissue damage to my hip flexors and problems with my S1 joint. Now I have sciatic pain which comes and goes everyday. Pain, pain, and more pain. I am extremely active, but am having to put so much aside, because I just don't have anything left in me. I did too much too young, now I am paying for it. I have been to numerous doctors, and tons of PT, but look at where I am at now. In pain. Many of my injuries have been mis-diganosed for years which made things so much worse for me.

Enough of that, but I think all of it is very important. Over 2 years ago, my "tail" started to hurt, just one day, did nothing to it. I went to an orthopedic specialist who was suppose to be hot stuff. I was never told what was wrong with me, was just told my tail was disfigured and they wanted to shoot me up with cortozone. Never again. I have had enough cortozone for a small country, and it was the most painful experience of my life. I went to different doctor for a second opinion. Went in for an MRI, they took the wrong pics, had to go back for a second MRI- I had to drive 3 hrs each way to see these docs- I got charged for both MRI's. For the final consultation my father went with me, and I was in great spirits, because I wanted to know what was wrong with me, and the pain was horrible. Nothing. I was told nothing, except I had an "overdevelopment of bone marrow in my coccyx." What in the hell is that? I later found out from my boyfriends "family" doctor, that it didn't even existed except in a rare form of cancer, which if I had I would have been dead by now. So I left this great doctor crying out frustration with my fathers support, only to live with this for 2 more years. Oh yeah- my insurance slapped me with pre-exsisting, and owed over 4 grand in bills, which one by one went to collectors because I did not give enough money, I was never late on a bill. At 22 I thought I was going to have to claim bankruptcy.

My back and hip pain has only become worse and so has my coccyx. I am 23 and scared. I am in pain. My life is slowing down, and I can't do that. I have just turned to acupuncture, and hope to begin deep yoga. The family doctor I just sought out has been more help than any "specialist" I have ever dealt with, but I am scared. He told me I am a good candidate for a surgical procedure to have my coccyx removed, but I have a serious trust with western medicine now. I am scared to put my body in the hands of doctors (and insurance companies) because of my years of experience. I am beginning to turn to more eastern medicine, but unfortunately it all cost money, and I am tight on cash.

So my question is, and I am sorry this is so long winded:

Has anyone had years of back problems, then developing coccydynia? Or has anyone experienced horrible back, hip, leg, and foot pain due to coccydynia? I need to know, I am trying to educate myself. I don't want anyone to cut anything out of me, if there is something else that could have caused this. I want to be thoroughly treated, and that is what I have had problems with in the past. Treatments begin tossed out too quickly and too many overlooks. I want to have children and live healthy. I ski, mountain bike, hike, and have a passion for travel, you name it I'll do it, but mentally and physically I am running low. I am a strong person and will work hard to feel better. I heard therapy is a must after surgery. How do you know you have the right therapist? I have met many that seem lost and not sure. So if anyone has anything to share with me, I need it. I am supposed to find out this week where I am supposed to have surgery and with who, but I am scared. I am not sure what I would do if something became worse.

Well, thanks for listening, and I hope to hear back from someone.

Updated 2004-10-24

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