Dr. Benson will be removing my coccyx next month

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I must say that when I first started experiencing the tailbone pain, everyone seemed to think I was imagining things. I don't recall falling at all & the pain just appeared. Since it started it has been awful. I did all the holistic approaches first. For awhile I was going to the chiropractor of internal manipulation, but as soon as I got in the car to drive home my coccyx moved back to the 90 degrees angle it's been at. When I started trying to get a doctor in my area to see me, he "suggested" that the pain was in my head! I was pissed.

That is when I found this website. Heaven sent, I was alone in feeling horrible pain every time I sat down, or was laying in bed. Even better, this site had references to doctors around the word, so I was able to find Dr. Benson, at UC Davis Med Center, who will be removing my coccyx next month!

It is about a 6 hour drive south, just to get to the place, but if it means horseback riding and no pain this time next year I am for it. But I am really scared. It's hard to admit, but I am. And I felt that if I submitted this letter it might help me over come the fear.

I am a full time student at Humboldt State University, studying Kinesiology. I work as a Personal Trainer and am in pretty awesome health (minus the butt pain). So I scheduled the surgery to be right after finals, to give myself the summer to recover. We'll see huh?

Thanks for reading my story.


Updated 2004-04-25

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