My concerns with surgery

Paula -

My name is Paula, I am 35 years old and I live just outside of Buffalo, NY. On 28 July 2003 I fell down my stairs landing on the 4th stair and directly on my bottom…PAIN!!!!!!!! My body locked up so badly (shock) that my husband had to pry my fingers from the railing.

Believing that I had only bruised my tailbone I waited 6 months to go to the doctor. After having x-rays it was obviously broken, having an MRI was not so helpful and neither was the doctor who didn't seem to be sympathetic to my PAIN!!!!!

I went for a second opinion and found a wonderful doctor with a wonderful bedside manner, having a CT Scan I was not only diagnosed with a non-union fracture of 2nd and 3rd coccyx bone but I also have 5 degenerative discs in my lower back….MORE PAIN.

My entire lower back is killing me because I cannot sit directly on my butt!!!!! I have had "the shots" that only worked for 3 days and then nothing.

My doctor has NEVER performed this surgery before but I am confident enough in him that I will allow him to help me, could I be wrong?

I am scheduled for surgery on 8 July 2004, can anyone offer advice on how to cope with this and what I can expect during the cold weather months since the cold weather seems to be more difficult to tolerate?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!

Updated 2004-06-27

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