Damaged tailbone during delivery

Annica - annica_lindblom@telia.com

My name is Annica and I live in Sweden.

I broke my tailbone giving birth to my daughter 2 years ago. I first noticed the day after that it hurt when I was sitting. I didn't think of it too much since it was the day after delivery. I remember though that I thought it was strange, because when I gave birth to my son 2 years earlier it was a long and painful delivery but I didn't have any problems to sit afterwards. With my daughter it was a very quick and easy delivery about 1 hour totally... and I had difficulties to sit. It didn't make sense.

After 6 months I went to our local doctor and he sent me to x-ray. They found that my tailbone had been broken and that it pointed back into my body at 90 angle.

After being sent from doctor to doctor I've tried everything and nothing has helped so far. It's seems like no one can understand the pain, some doctors treat me like I'm making this up, even if I have x-rays to "prove" my story.

I don't know any doctors in Sweden that are specialised in this. Is there anyone who has a story like mine and a full recovery?

Please e-mail me if you have!

Note from Jon Miles:

There is a doctor in Sweden who has written a medical paper about this condition and might be able to help Annica.

According to the doctors who specialise in coccyx pain, the coccyx doesn't actually get broken. It is naturally in two or three segments, linked by ligaments. An injury can weaken the connections between these segments, or between the coccyx and the sacrum. Then if you sit down, that forces the weak joint apart, causing pain.

Doctors who are not experienced in treating coccydynia think that the coccyx must be broken, because medical textbooks wrongly say that the coccyx is fused into a single bone. When the doctor sees separate pieces on the x-ray, he or she assumes there must be a fracture.

Updated 2004-05-02

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