Vioxx reduced the pain immensely

Moira -

Its been over a week now that I have had total relief from a very long suffering painful coccyx which originally I was convinced was related to motor bike riding.

I initially suffered with it on and off but eventually it was constant and completely took over my whole life with the constant nagging pain and difficulty in sitting down, work was a task as I sit at a desk all day. I bought the usual cushions and avoided all hard surfaces for sitting etc etc. I even gave up riding my bike for 4 weeks but nothing seemed to be changing or improving. Finally I succumbed to an x ray at the doctors which I was sure would show something wrong, but alas nothing was found. My doctor gave me a script for Vioxx which I was convinced was just another drug on the market that probably wouldn't help my problem.

It took me 2 weeks to fill the script convinced that it wasn't going to do anything to improve my pain, BUT after the very first tablet the pain was reduced immensely. I have been taking one tablet morning and night for over a week now and I am so happy to report that I don't think twice about sitting down now and my cushions etc have been thrown away. I am not sure if the pain will return when I stop taking the medication but I am just so glad to get my life back again without thinking twice before sitting down. It may be worth trying Vioxx for anyone who has this very painful condition.


Updated 2004-06-13

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