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Jamie - Update - Slow recovery - childbirth caused coccyx pain

Susan - Update - Looking for the right doctor in Maryland suburbs

Vivienne - Update - Ten years of pain

JMF - Update - The surgery

Alan - Update - Coccyx problems down under - a New Zealand experience - now on the mend?

Anne - Update - Advice before surgery

Lily Landry - Update - Louisiana, I found someone!

Anonymous - Update - Back in the saddle again

Sharon Ryan - Update - Mysterious onset of coccyx pain

Jen - Update - Coccygectomy story

Ashley - Update - What to do?

DawnMarie - Update - Acute pain going from sitting to standing

Anonymous - Update - Looking for surgery advice in Dublin.....

Kathy - Update - Swollen coccyx

Flying Blondi - Update - Just had operation

Jill - Update - Wish I had surgery earlier!

Jason - Tailbone removal with horizontal incision

Jan - 7 years of pain

Dave - Spinal cord stimulator story

Santiago Garcia - Change to sitting position got rid of pain

Jenefer - Immediate relief from physiotherapist

Siobhan - So much pain

Debbie - Coccyx doctor

Christine - I feel like I'm the pain ={

Beth - Coccyxgectomy - 29 year old female

Terri - Update - My tailbone looked as if it had been broken and fused back together at a 90 degree angle

Lynne - WOW I am NOT alone

Jessica - I don't know how I hurt my coccyx and I can't sleep!

Jane - Update - Coccyx removal May 2007

Virginia - California recommendation for tailbone adjustment

Donald Harris - Coccygectomy and 95% pain free

Orit - Update - I found the ultimate seat

Monique - It hurts so bad!

Erin - Should I see another doctor?

Duncan - 50% better from chiropractic treatment

Alison - Fell down steps 5 years ago

Monika - Coccydynia experience

Jackie - Update - A must read

Beth - Success with spinal cord stimulator

Anonymous - Chiropractor or doctor in the Middle Tennessee area?

Anonymous - Skydiving injury

Julia - Coccyx pain after spinal surgery

Brandon - Who will do the internal manipulation?

Adrienne - Wanting advice before surgery

CD-Anonymous - MBT (Masai Barefootwalking Technology) and the CP (Coccyx Person)

Carl - Personal relief from coccyx pain in lotus position

Nicole - Professional horse-rider with coccydynia needs solutions - Melbourne Australia

Lee - Update - Coccyx surgery

Erin - 2nd birth - no injury! Now, what about pilates?

SB - Dr. Sussman - Incline Village, Nevada

Atmaram - Coccyx pain relief by maniplation

Ruth - Awaiting surgery after long delays

Pat - Pain reduced but still bad 4 months after surgery

Mike Putney - Hit coccyx on steel pole

Melissa - Injured coccyx in childbirth

Kristen - Please read & offer advice, thank you!

Kelley - Coccyx pushing outwards after fall

Emily - Pain around coccyx and sit-bones

Rick - Tailbone pain gone

Rich - Tail bone pain recovery with swimming

Faye - Waiting for steroid injection and hoping

Cathy - Update - Today, I fired my doctor

Anonymous - Coccyx saga

Zaheedah - Beware of painkillers

Rosy - Five weeks post-op

Rebecca Hagan - Successful treatment with Chiropractor

Mary - I had never paid much attention to my coccyx .....until it hurt.

Maria - Surrounding areas of the coccyx?

Lisa - Update - Tailbone bent inward at practically a ninety degree angle

Jill - Muscular problem vs. coccyx problem

Christy - Any best surgeon in Melbourne, Australia for the Coccygectomy (removal of coccyx) ?

Anonymous - Successful procedure (but success was probably accidental)

Kharis - Grinding sensation, then pain when sitting

Sherry - I have been suffering for 10 years and 10 months with this coccyx and left SI joint pain

Margaret - Plantar fasciitis

Justin - Managing my coccyx pain

Anonymous - Is this T-bone pain or what can it be?

Christen - Why does nothing show on the x-ray?

Niki - Am I the only one who did not actually injure my coccyx?

Lois - How long does the pain last?

Linda - Feedback on Dr. Foye in New Jersey, USA

Katrina - Questions - endometriosis and sitting Xrays

Karen - Any advice before surgery?

Jen - Still suffering

Jane - A new way of using a kneeling stool for coccyx injury

Jackie - Doubt about diagnosis

Anonymous - Pain on sexual intercourse a year after surgery

Vijay - The psoas muscle

Natalie - Childbirth after coccyx removal

Margie - Injured during colonoscopy procedure

Susan - Effectiveness of prolotherapy

Kay - Success with self-manipulation

RD - Relationship of pain caused by tailbone problems

Paul & Sue - Coccyx problems

Maureen - Experience to share

Fleurie - Update - Manual treatment led to worse pain

Allison - Fell down stairs

Chris - Tools that help to manage and reduce c-pain down to 5%

Phil - Levator syndrome

Stephen - Coccyx sand injury

Rae - 12 months and counting!

Nicole - 90% better after internal adjustment

Katy - There is real help out there

Karen - Update - Pain has not gone away for three years

Hayley - No-one at school understands how I feel

CR - Aussie with some coccyx queries

Kalpana - Coccyx pain during pregnancy

Beth - Much better now!!

Anonymous - Ongoing pain saga

Anonymous - Oxalates and pain

Vincent - I cannot seem to get doctors to listen

Theresa - Totally pain free

Laura Farmer - Significant reduction in pain following injection

Christy - Update - I want my life back!

Anonymous - I had surgery, and now it's worse

Anonymous - Operation to remove tip of coccyx

Sue - Update - Forthcoming operation

Simon - Coccyx injury through snowboarding

Niklesh - Coccyx broken by my teacher

Kazzablanca - It really REALLY hurts when I sit in soft chairs

Ian - Almost pain-free and able to sit a lot more

Dawn - Looking for help in Oklahoma

Beth - Fractured coccyx - now severe pain carrying 2nd child

Eva - Forthcoming surgery

Carrie - Injections anyone...

Vince - Severe coccyx pain from congenital spinal cord problem

Jeanette - Boy, never again

Heidi - Surgery revealed bone spur on coccyx

Chasity - Discovered a knot on my tailbone

CD-Anonymous - 1.) A Note on preventing further damage 2.) What works for the writer of this message

Barbara - Success story (please read my story)

Anonymous - Will pregnancy and childbirth give me coccydynia?

Pam - Success with physical therapist

Mekkena - They won't give me pain medication

Karen - Has anyone else had problems with pains in shoulders/neck linked to coccyx pain?

Jen - Very happy the pain is slowly going away

Ferne - Help me!

Anonymous - Roller skating injury

whatapaininthecoccyx - My God!

Shanna - Coccyx pain going on 8 years now

Katie - I just want it to go away

Bruce LaBrecque - Coccyx pain

Anonymous - Broken and displaced tail bone and the way I get treated by people

Amanda - Dramatic pain reduction

Tracery - Pills, pills, pills

Paige - Update - Surgery 22 years after the injury

Maggie Thorpe - Update - Had my coccyx removed this week

Kate Weber - Update - Here's what worked for me

Jodie - Update - Had injection, waiting for it to work

Gary - Part of my coccyx is dead

Sheila H. Adams - Wonderful results from surgery

Linda Hodskins - Coccyx pain relief

Tricia - Deciding on surgery

Anonymous - Severely deformed coccyx

Theresa - Not sure whether to go for surgery

Susan - History of injury/tailbone pain

Olga - Big difference in level of pain after surgery

Jenni - Still suffering 6 years after childbirth

Jen - Pain is getting worse, drugs are barely helping

Dana - Suffering - any suggestions?

R. Sood - Yoga exercise suggested

Marika vanVelsen - Repeated surgery for pilonidal sinus

Saurabh - The pain is getting less with an airbed

Sunny - Inward right angle bend at sacro-coccygeal joint

Rupal Joshi - Pain returned after operation, but now better

Rhonda - Severe pain in tailbone after injury at work

Mei - Thank you for the article writen by Lee "Self-manipulation for coccyx pain"

Carolyn - Tailbone ruining my life

Anonymous - Question about treatments

Eddie - Bottom pain getting better

Melissa - Try a doctor that specializes in muscular & skeletal injuries!

Deb - How bad is it?

Anonymous - Back pain and paralysis cured by coccyx adjustment

Anonymous - Why do I still feel the pain?

Terri - I was scheduled for coccyx removal. With Dr. Kemper's manipulation and treatment my pain is 95% gone.

Kristine - Amazing fix

Colleen - 17 years suffering

Christy - Knot on tailbone

Belinda - Almost pain-free after two sessions of Dry Needling and Osetopathy

Judy - Coccyx karma

Janet - What has helped me so far

Alexander - Got rid of coccyx pain (of muscle origin)

MM - Don't delay going to a doctor

Emma - I don't know how to find a surgeon

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