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Katrina -

Posted 2007-07-15

In October of 2006, I was in class and noted that I had a lot of "butt" pain when I went to stand up, or when I would relieve pressure by moving side to side. It would hurt for about 30 seconds of excruciating pain. I thought it would just go away, yet this last April, I finally decided to see a doctor. She sent me for an Xray which showed nothing with the tailbone, but it did show that my left hip is misaligned (that shouldn't be causing the pain that I have). I asked at that time about endometriosis scar tissue and he said it could be a possibility, but referred me for a pap/rectal.

The pap didn't show anything (Endo can't be seen that way anyhow), the rectal showed that I was positive for "hemoccult" which is hidden blood in the stool. That again, is another incidental, and not the cause of my pain, as I don't have any pain IN the rectum. It did not hurt when she touched my tailbone internally and she stated she couldn't feel anything abnormal. So, she sent me for a CT scan, which showed NOTHING about the tailbone, but found a 2 cm mass in my liver…again, not a cause of the pain that I was feeling (MRI showed it was tissue). Anyhow, I am still thinking Endo, and was wondering if anyone had this experience. I have spent all morning reading the personal stories on the "find a physician" page, and just started the personal stories page. I had a laparoscopy with a D&C in 2003, and they found endo all over my intestines and everywhere else…I need to go to the doc (haven't since the surgery) but am nervous that they will blow me off…

One weird thing is that when I am on my knees, if my heel touches my tailbone area, it is excruciating pain…interesting huh? I don't have pain when I am laying down or standing, and occasional pain when I am on a soft chair, but hard chairs are getting really difficult. Since a pelvic exam is done laying down, along with all the testing (Xray, CT), what if it is something that can only be seen when sitting? How do I get one of these?

I am in the Chicago area, with a ton of doctors around me, yet I don't see any referrals on this page for one near me…

I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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