Pain returned after operation, but now better

Rupal Joshi

Posted 2007-02-11

I am Rupal Joshi, working as a software engineer in India.

My History:

When I was 9 I participated in a 100 Meter race. Unfortunately, my competitor kicked me and I fall flat. My coccyx got cracked. Lack of advanced medical treatment available at India at that time, and considering my age, doctors recommended to wait till my full growth for further treatment.

At the age of 16 I was caught by a prank of my friends. One of my friends pulled the chair when I was sitting on the chair. Once again I got hurt at the same place.

This time coccyx was detached from the position. It was floating. Due to my best years of studies, my diagnosis was delayed for 2 more years. These were bad years as I was not able to sit even for a second.

But the best day came when I got operated and doctor removed the hindering part from my body after 2 years. I got into my engineering and pursued electronics an engineering degree in the year of 2001. During 2002 due to lots of sitting at my work place I started feeling pain at my coccyx region. Doctor diagnosed as fibrosis deposition at that area is giving pain. I lost hope. I started searching some treatment over the net. I found your website and very good knowledge about coping up with pain.

I wrote you during 2002. Your suggestions for the treatment helped me to return to my normal life. I resumed my postgraduate studies in 2004, (at the end of course of treatment). I secured a job and working ever since. Thank you so much for that single help which changed my life.


1. I would like to recommend Yoga in presence of proper tutor.

2. My personal advice not to ride Motor Bike. (Still I can sense pain while riding more then 10 minutes.)

With Best Regards,

Rupal Joshi

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