90% better after internal adjustment


Posted 2007-05-20

Five or six years ago, I wanted to move a number of my belongings. I decided to do this in a very ridiculous way, by using my backpack. At the time I thought it was a good idea. I remember that after carrying all these belongings, my shoulders got really sore and I decided to rest the full load on my lower back/sacrum. Everything seemed fine until I went to bed that night and I couldn't sleep on my back. I was in terrible pain. I did not immediately understand why and thought it would just go away. After a couple of weeks, the pain finally started to subside and I thought I wouldn't have trouble with that area any more. A month later I was getting into a car to go on vacation and backed up, hitting the coccyx area. Afterwards I was in excruciating pain the whole drive to our destination. I could barely sit down but I did not want to ruin my vacation and kept sitting through the pain anyway. Finally, I decided to go to the drugstore and get some anti-inflammatory cream that helped to bring down the swelling and the pain. So, I forgot about it and didn't give it another thought.

Then, for the next three or four years, I would get occasional pain/soreness in the coccyx area. I still didn't worry about it. Then, for work I had to sit at a computer all day for about six months (with bad posture - MY FAULT!). After six months of this, I had continual soreness and swelling in the area after sitting. It was chronic and painful. I then went on a plane trip and sat for hours. Afterwards, I had even more swelling in the area that wouldn't go down and was getting worse. I finally decided to go see a doctor who said they were not sure but thought it was pilonidal disease. I was sent for x-rays, MRI etc. Finally they decided I should have surgery. I agreed even if I was not sure that I really had pilonidal disease. I had never had drainage of fluids and it did not seem like an abscess. The radiologist also told me he did not think it was an abscess either. After the surgery, I needed a couple of weeks to heal but immediately when I sat down after healing, there was still pain. I also started to exercise again and also there was pain in the area. I went to see the surgeon again because I wanted to know why it was hurting and he just said that it was the scar and that everything should be fine.

But it wasn't better. Now, whenever I sat down I would get sore. I couldn't sit down at all, it was a nightmare. I had just started a new job and I needed to sit for meetings. Since I did not want to take my coccyx cushion with me I would just sit down anyway and go home sore everyday. I was getting really depressed. Finally, I decided to look for other answers to pain in the coccyx area. I looked on the web and found the coccyx.org site. I read the personal experiences that sounded a lot like my own. I had just moved to the UK from France and found a referral from a member of the site to a Chiropractor named Dr. Durtnall in London (see doctors and specialists in the UK). I went to my doctor here and they wanted me to have surgery again and sent me to see another general surgeon. I told them that I refuse to have surgery again because it did not help the first time and I think it made everything worse. So, I called Dr. Durtnall's office and made an appointment to see him.

It was the best thing I have done since the problem began. I wish I had been able to find someone before who really knew what was wrong. Dr. Durtnall looked at my x-rays and decided that I did have a problem with my coccyx that was angled to the left. This fit with me always have soreness particularly on the left side. He did internal adjustment. As others have noted it is a little uncomfortable but I was ready to give it a try if it could help me out of the nightmare of not being able to sit at all. Dr. Durtnall did the internal adjustment twice (two visits), acupuncture and massage of the area. He has also helped with painful areas in my neck and back. I think that I had been sitting and standing in a bad position and this just exacerbated the coccyx problem I had caused when I rested a really heavy backpack on my sacrum (REALLY STUPID). I am continuing to see Dr. Durtnall about once every two months. I am about 90% better now. I am so happy and thankful to Dr. Durtnall. He has given me back a quality of life I thought might be gone forever. I have not had swelling or pain in the area since about the third visit. As long as I sit properly (with the right posture) I have not had the pain re-occur. I can now go out and sit at a restaurant and at work for hours, no problem.

Advice to others with any coccyx problems, do not wait too long. Do not think it will just go away, because it will just get worse.


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