Effectiveness of prolotherapy

Susan - SusanP424@comcast.net

Posted 2007-07-01

My name is Susan and I have sent previous postings seeking doctor recommendations in my area [Maryland]. Another reader recommended a group of doctors who helped her. [I am very thankful to everyone who replied]. I scheduled an appointment with a Doctor who recommended Prolotherapy injections which are different from spinal injections as they inject various medications into the muscles around the tailbone. He believes I had a ligament or tendon problem that was causing the tailbone pain. As with all the other doctors I have seen there was no real examination of the area. He said this problem was quite common and that these injections should give me significant relief or a cure.

Anyway, I have received 4 series of injections and do not have any relief. He told me that it could take 6 or more, but at this time I do not believe they will work. My insurance covers the expense but I was astounded to find out that his charge was $900. per visit for a couple of intramuscular shots that only took a few minutes of his time. I was hoping after my last follow up that he would recommend something different, but instead he suggested it could take up to a year's worth of shots to help. At this point, I feel that this is a big money maker for him and that the treatments are not worthwhile. The reader who recommended the group of doctors that he practices with saw another doctor and also had a manual adjustment done along with the prolotherapy treatments. She said that it may have been the adjustment alone that helped her.

It seems like different treatments work for different people, but I wanted to share my personal thoughts on this treatment for others that are contemplating it. I am going to try and schedule an appointment with one of the other doctors [in another practice] that were recommended to me and perhaps go back to the doctor who has told me that a degenerated disk [one that has several fractures inside the disk that would not appear on MRI's] can cause severe tailbone pain. Numerous other doctors have told me my disk are fine, but I wonder if maybe this one doctor knows something the other's don't. A diskogram is the test he recommends to confirm his suspicion. I'm afraid to have that done, but if it pinpoints the problem it would be worth it.

Thanks for all of you who share your experiences, this site is the best!


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