Any best surgeon in Melbourne, Australia for the Coccygectomy?

Christy -

Posted 2007-09-09-

Dear readers,

I am suffering acute angled at 90 degree coccyx from one and a half year. Few months ago had cortisone shot, to some how it worked, but longer sittings are still a problem. Have to carry my doughnut cushion, can sit in trains and terms, more than a year have given up wearing my jeans and pants they hurts me like hell.

It would be appreciated if some one guide me about any best surgeon in Melbourne, Australia for the Coccygectomy (removal of coccyx).

Secondly I am thinking to have pregnancy before my Coccygectomy , As I have 90 degree bent coccyx will it be a misery during pregnancy? will it cause the premature birth?

Anxiously waiting for advice



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