Big difference in level of pain


Posted 2007-03-04

Dina, who posted her story earlier, wrote:

I also wanted to share, at the request of my friend, Olga, who became Dr. Kane's patient, as well (see Doctors and specialists in the USA). She does not have a computer and has no access to the internet; her daughters helped her by finding this website; she asked me to write a brief story about her ordeal. Olga had suffered with terrible coccyx pain for over two years, and endured some cortizone shots, which only helped short-term; so she ended up having a surgery. Pieces of her broken coccyx have been removed by Dr.Kane (my doc as well), in Hackensack University Hospital on January 13, 2007.

I spoke with her two-three weeks after surgery, and she could not believe a dramatic difference in pain level; she instantly felt better. Of course, there was (and still is) a healing period, Olga had to take pain medication for the first 5 or 6 days, but can now manage without the drugs. There is still a long road to the full recovery, but Olga feels a big difference in level of her pain and, as a result, her lifestyle. She can sit and move around and feels much, much better.. She is very happy and wanted to thank everyone for sharing their stories, to extend her gratitude to Jon for running this website, and to thank wonderful Dr. Kane.

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