Am I the only one who did not actually injure my coccyx?

Niki -

Posted 2007-07-15

I had low back pain for a few days, I thought it was perhaps too much yard work or something like that. My husband and I left for Chicago (an 8 hour drive) to pick up our 3 oldest children. While there I played wiffle ball, went on walks, even slept on an air mattress. My lower back was only hurting when I moved the "wrong way" .

We returned home and I noticed the pain was getting worse, so I asked my husband to put on some Biofreeze. When he was asking me where it hurt I was laying on my stomach and I realized that the pain was central to my coccyx.

The next morning when I woke I made an appointment with a chiropractor, after discussing treatment options we decided that I may be better served by getting it checked out at the ER. By this point walking caused tears.

After waiting the Dr. said coccidynia, no x-rays, no nothing..........He gave me muscle relaxes and pain killers. I have noticed about a 20% improvement, but I am impatient. I have four kids and need to be back to normal.

Any suggestion????



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