Dramatic pain reduction

Amanda - babble_ak@yahoo.com.au

Posted 2007-04-01

More than 5 years ago I fell down a rock interface while hiking in Vietnam and displaced my coccyx and experienced immediate intense pain in the sacral area. I received physiotherapy, prescription pain relief and ultrasound therapy in Australia for 2 months with gradual improvement, however, the pain would recur with long periods of sitting and with any physical activity. Over time I have had further treatments from physiotherapists and osteopaths and long periods of taking anti-inflammatories that have improved the pain, however, I would still experience niggling pain and I never felt satisfied that it had been resolved.

More recently I have a desk job and sit at my desk for very long periods without moving about. By the end of the day I would experience pain, however, it was nothing new to me. In January 2007 I started experiencing intense pain in the sacral area and lower back 24 hours a day. After about 4 weeks I had really had enough of the pain and lack of sleep. It was making me very short tempered and I was feeling like I couldn't cope with basic everyday things. I asked my GP for help and all she offered was to prescribe stronger pain relief. I didn't feel that this was the answer to my problem.

I felt desperate and returned home and did an internet search and found this website and saw a testimonial for Dr Michael Durtnall at the Sayer Clinics (see doctors and specialists in the UK). I rang and made an appointment for the next day and have been receiving regular treatments since. Michael is very experienced in treating this problem and the reduction in pain was amazing. I am now 100% pain free in the sacral area and the lower back pain is decreasing each week. This is definitely the best treatment I have ever received for my coccyx pain and I am working on improving my posture as well.

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