Coccyx pushing outwards after fall

Kelley -

Posted 2007-09-30

My name is Kelley and here is my story. About 2 months ago I fell in the shower and fractured my coccyx. Went to the local urgent care center after about a week of awful pain, they did some x rays told me what I already knew, that I fractured it, told me it would get better in a few weeks, wrote me a script for pain meds and sent me on my way.

After about a week it started feeling much better and I was so, so happy!! Then another week went by and the pain started to come back, even worse!! So, back to the doctors I went, they took more x rays and told me the fracture was healing but, my coccyx and the bone above it where completely out of place. The natural curve the spine has, like a C shape, well I have that except where the coccyx is it is like an S. It is facing outwards like its almost going to bust through the skin (at least that's what it feels like). So, she wrote me another script for pain meds, gave me a copy of my x rays and said there is nothing she can do for me and gave me the number to an orthopedic surgeon.

I have an appointment this Friday and I can't wait to see what he has to say because I cannot sit, laying is almost as bad and sleeping has become something I have a really hard time doing. I figured since you really don't need the bones there they would just take them out, but now I am reading and it seems they don't really do that surgery. I don't really like the idea of having to get spinal shots all the time and I do not think this pain is something I can just live with. the reason I am writing this is because I am really frustrated. I hope there is something they can do for me. Wish me luck!!

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