Acute pain going from sitting to standing

DawnMarie -

Posted 2007-12-16

I began having tailbone pain about a year ago. I don't even know the exact time it started; I just know that I was having some pain when going from the sitting to the standing position. I ignored it for about six months and chalked it up to just an extension of my long bout with low back pain and sciatica.

After about the first six months, I noticed it was getting more and more painful. It even hurt while I was sitting. I brought it to the attention of my family doctor and she too just blamed it on my sciatica history.

A few months later; at work one night, I went from sitting to standing position and once on my feet, I collapsed right back down into my chair because the pain that shot through my tailbone was completely unbearable. I was in immediate tears and had a friend pick me up and take me to the hospital. They did some x-rays of coccyx and they revealed no fractures. They gave me some pain meds and muscle relaxers and sent me on my way.

I followed up with my family doctor a few days later and she sent me for more x-rays. She got the x-ray report about a week later and it showed some stenosis is in the pelvic region but negative for coccyx fracture. This left us at square one, so she made a referral to an Orthopedic doctor. Once I saw the orthopedic doctor, he also did x-rays of the coccyx area and he said on the lateral view, it looks like my tailbone had broken and curled under my spine… Or, it could be a tumor or growth on my tailbone, so he ordered a CT scan of the coccyx.

Now, only 2 days away from getting the CT scan results, I am a nervous wreck. I've been reading all kinds of information online regarding coccyx fractures and tumors of the coccyx. Unfortunately, not a lot of information is available on either topic, but was so glad to stumble on this site and read the stories of my fellow-tailbone pain suffers. I had begun to feel alone and like I was imagining this excruciating pain. But, after reading all of the other stories, I don't feel alone anymore.

It's very difficult to explain the pain to my roommate and my sons. I don't think they understand the magnitude of the pain that goes through my body when I sit and when I go from sitting to standing. It's a pain that is indescribable and unlike any pain I've ever experienced before. Sometimes they look at me like I'm crazy . . maybe they are tired of hearing me complain, but when something hurts this bad, it's hard to NOT vocalize about it.

Thanks for allowing me to share my story. I am a fellow sufferer and I understand the pain you all are feeling, and now I feel like there are people out there that understand my pain too.

Update, 2007-12-23

Went to follow-up appointment and doctor said good news... no tumor. Bad news... radiology report says no fracture, however, the doctor said he still sees a shadow on the CT scan that he saw on a previous Xray that leads him to believe the tailbone is broken and curled under my spine. I say bad news because I just want to get an answer to the mystery of this intense pain. Anyway, he is referring me a doctor who specializes in tailbone issues and says he has an eye that sees things the radiologists don't see. Unfortunately, I cannot get in to see this doctor for 6 weeks!! So, until then... I will take it one day at a time and hope for some answers and some relief. Sometimes the frustration of not knowing what is causing the pain is more than the pain itself.

Update, 2008-04-13

My last update in December indicated that I would be seeing a doctor that specialized in coccyx pain. As my luck would have it, before I could get in to see this doctor, he retired. I checked out the list of physicians on this site and found that there was one in my area, which had two success stories. So... I made an appointment to see him.

After a long wait to get in to see Dr. Keller at JOI, Florida (see Doctors and specialists in the USA), I finally saw him on 27 March. He was very thorough in his examination and didn't brush me off like previous docs had. He said that I could be a potential candidate for the coccyx removal surgery, however, before he would just start cutting on me he recommended a nerve block injection. He said the injection would serve as a diagnostic tool, which would let him know if surgery would benefit me or not.

I wasn't thrilled about the injection, but if it would provide relief or at least a diagnosis, I was willing to go through with it.

I had the injection yesterday. It really wasn't a painful procedure. They numbed the area first, then injected dye, under x-ray, to ensure the medicine would go into the proper ligament. The entire procedure took about 5 minutes, which included cleaning me up afterwards.

I have a pain diary that I have to keep for the next week, which means I will rate my pain on a scale of 1 - 10. I will then follow-up with Dr. Keller, who will then let me know if the surgery will benefit me or not. There is a chance that this injection could relieve the pain all together and then my treatment will be done. So far, I'm still in pain. Last night, the pain was more than I had felt since all of this began. Today, the pain level is lower than it has been in months!!

Will send another update after my next appointment!

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