Why does nothing show on the x-ray?

Christen - christen.costello@gmail.com

Posted 2007-07-22

I am a figure skater, and back in September of 2006, I fell directly onto my tailbone. I was in pain (with sitting, laying down, and getting up from a sitting position) and I saw a doctor who told me to just wait it out and didn't even order an x-ray because she said "there's nothing I can do anyway..."

The pain persisted (varying amount of pain on any given day, but always SOME amount of pain every day). Then, in April of 2007, I fell again skating onto my tailbone (there was still pain from the first fall, so you can imagine how painful this fall was). This time, I went to a different doctor and asked him to give me an x-ray. He ordered one and had me come back to discuss the result. He said that I had fractured my tailbone (and there was evidence that I had previously fractured it) and also that it might be dislocated. He told me to wait 6-8 weeks to let it heal and then go to physical therapy.

OK, fine.. except, then a month after the x-ray, I obtained a copy of the x-ray report, on which, the radiologist noted that there was no indication of a fracture or dislocation. WHAT? So, apparently, according to the radiologist, there is nothing wrong with my tailbone. Then why am I in pain every single day to some degree??? There has not been a day that has passed since I originally hurt my tailbone that I have not been in pain. HELP!


Note from Jon Miles: That symptom of an acute pain as you rise from sitting is typical of a coccyx that is dislocating when you sit down. See Symptoms of coccyx pain. When the x-ray is taken standing or lying, no problem may be seen, because the coccyx has gone back to its normal position. The solution is to have a dynamic sit/stand x-ray which shows whether the coccyx dislocates.

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