History of injury/tailbone pain

Susan - sequoyahsue@hotmail.com

Posted 2007-03-04

Hi. My name is Susan. I'm a 43 year old female living in the foothills of Colorado with my husband and 10 animals. 5 of those animals being horses. One of those horses being what got me into this mess. I'll try to make things short and sweet...

Sunday, July 17, 2006 - Horseback riding, horse spooked, tailspun into a gallop while bucking. Was whiplashed in mid-air, launched me and I landed on my tailbone (not fully in seated position) and hit the right side of my head pretty hard. I blacked out for a few seconds. Was experiencing a significant amount of pain in the head and entire body. Ended up with a broken tailbone, concussion and whiplash. Was told there was nothing I could do but wait. Get one of those donuts (don't . . . get a coccyx cushion instead) and don't sit without it.

After 'waiting' and little improvement, I started doing a little research on my own, found this site and some good info and hopefulness. Thanks to all contributors! Went back to my primary care, went to one orthopedic surgeon who referred me onto their tailbone specialist. He recommended having tailbone out due to tailbone tip pointing posterially instead of anterially and hypermobile joint. He said the tailbone would never move back into proper position and the joint would always cause pain. I signed on the dotted line so they could start insurance info gathering and get my surgery schedule.

STOP....get another opinion said my mother-in-law.

Have second opinion March 6th with the Chief of Spine Surgery at a University Hospital. Anxious to find out what all my options are.

Have tried massages, neuroenergetic release (type of bodywork), pt using pelvic floor manipulations working the muscles around the tailbone and tailbone joint itself (rectally...not pleasant but not painful) and TENDS. Don't seem to be making noticeable improvements with any of it.

Overall General Well Being

The pain gets to you after awhile. I've taken Gabapectin (Neurontin generic) when I feel I need to take the edge off. The first time I tried a Gabapectin my husband checked on me a few hours later and asked how I was mildly euphoric (slight exaggeration) and said, the pain is still there, but I don't care. That gave him a good laugh. It felt good to laugh. It feels good to laugh. Seems to help the pain seem less significant.

I've had a real difficult time sleeping oftentimes. Sometimes I need to take something to help with that. I'm reluctant to take anything during the day because I have to work. I spend so much time sitting on one cheek or another compromising for the pain that my body is completely out of alignment. I can feel it...I sound like a bowl of rice krispies.

But...despite my frustration and sometimes hopelessness, I bring myself back into reality and know that I will someday find relief. A very wise friend of mine went through a recent mastectomy and told me to get rid of all negative forces in my life and surround myself with loving, positive, nurturing people. Now was the time for you and your healing.

If anyone has had a tailbone that's decided to take on a new direction and point posterially with a hypermobile joint, please let me know what works, what didn't.

Thanks and good luck to everyone in finding answers and relief.


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