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Posted 2007-01-07

I broke my tailbone on December 11, 2004. Out of anger I jumped off a chair and the long post of another chair went straight up my tailbone. I wish it went up my anus to be quite honest because I have been suffering ever since. When it first happened my vision went black and then I saw stars and tears flooded my face instantly. I had no idea how severe it was until 5 minutes later when I sat down for the first time and I couldn't without feeling the pain of a thousand knives stabbing me - I cried and cried it was horrible.

It happened on a Friday night so I couldn't see a doctor until Monday (which I did not do). For over a month it hurt to sneeze, pee, and of course any time I needed to make a bowel movement oh my that was the absolute worst.

I decided to go to a Orthopedic after 2 months (which I strongly recommend - GO SOONER) I was told since mine is curved inward it has a high probability to break during childbirth - ain't that nice. I took Vicoden, than Gabuputin - the gabuputin seemed to work but I didn't want to get addicted to meds so I stopped taking everything. Every time I sit it is uncomfortable, I feel inflamed, constant throbbing, irritation.

I had no idea how many people have the same problem. I found this website a few days ago I tried the internal manipulation and it got rid of my pain for the night but here I am back again in pain with constant throbbing.

Lesson Learned: Don't get angry and do stupid things.

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