Today, I fired my doctor

Cathy -

Posted 2007-07-15

Today, I fired my doctor. I have been experiencing tailbone pain for about 5 years now. I have been with this particular pain specialist for a little over 2 years. First of all, I hardly ever get to see the doctor, it is almost always his physician assistant. (I have nothing against PA's...I contemplated that profession myself before the pain set in!) It seems like all they offer are injections and anti inflammatory meds. He has not taken any x-rays or MRI's since I have been his patient. I requested my family doctor to get an MRI done in January of this year because my pain doctor didn't. Of course, it showed nothing. The injections would help for a few months and then I would be back to the way I was before.

In 2004, I had to drop out of last semester before graduation because the pain was so bad that I could not get out of my car when I'd get home from clinicals! I had a neurolysis and the pain was gone for 4 months. I thought we had licked it this time. I even went back to work. After the first week of commuting for over an hour each way and sitting in front of a computer all day, I couldn't move by the end of the day. My husband said what's the use of working if you have to take pain meds when you get home every day? The job lasted 3 weeks.

I made an appointment today with another doctor that I read about on this board, Dr. Greg Keller in Jacksonville Florida. I see him on the 23rd of July. Last year I started to get lower back pain. X-rays revealed arthritis in my lumbar spine on top of the tailbone pain. I've really had enough! I'm only 49 but most days I feel like 80.

I guess my question is: Is this the way it will be forever? Just a series of injections every few months? Am I looking for a cure that doesn't exist?

Update, 2007-09-09

I saw Dr. Keller and we decided to go ahead with surgery. It is not a decision I take fact, I am scared silly! The surgery will be done at Baptist Medical Center on Aug 24, 2007. I will post updates as I can. Wish me luck!


Update, 2007-09-23

I had the surgery on August 24 at Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville Florida. It was at 10:15 A.M. and by 3:00 P.M. I was on my way home! It had to be the best hospital experience I've had. The anesthesiologist must have LISTENED when I told him how sick to my stomach I get from anesthesia because I only had 1 wave of nausea in the recovery room and then it was gone.

The day after surgery was horrible. The pain was just the worst. Lots of pain meds that day. But after that, I noticed improvement every day. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be! I imagined not being able to sit for weeks but every day got a little easier. Now after 3 weeks post op I can do anything I want to do. Sitting in the car is still a little uncomfortable but when I stand up the pain goes away. It's not like that lingering pain I had with the tailbone for years.

I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Gregory Keller at Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute. He is amazing. (See Doctors and specialists in the USA.)

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