Forthcoming surgery

Eva, Surrey, UK -

Posted 2007-04-22

Hi everyone. I have been a coccyx pain sufferer for the past four years; there is no need for me to explain what it is like to experience the most excruciating and debilitating pain imaginable. You probably would not be looking at this website if you were not in the same boat. Jon, thank you so much for this website.

When I first went to my doctor with back, knee, leg pain I was referred straight away to Dr Jeff Rearden, rheumatologist at Mayday Hospital, Croydon. He immediately arranged for me to have an MRI scan and various other tests. MRI scan showed that my spine had been leaking fluid, probably for some time. I started having physiotherapy, and was given Naproxen to take four times a day, all to no avail. In the mean time coccyx pain was becoming unbearable; Dr Rearden suggested cortisone injections into the coccyx area, I was getting desperate so I agreed. Within two weeks I was pain free, you would think I had won the lottery, I was ecstatic. That injection lasted for four months, then out of the blue the pain came back with a vengeance.

Over the next three years I continued having cortisone injections, and trying to fit in trips to the theatre, cinema and restaurants in-my ‘pain free’ time, and carrying my coccyx cushion everywhere I went! but the ‘pain free’ time got less and less. In May 2006, I had an operation on my knee, I had to sit with my leg up for two weeks; this caused extreme pain not only in my coccyx but also in my left buttock. Dr Rearden suggested that an operation to remove the coccyx might be the answer, I was horrified, no way, absolutely not!

The pain has totally taken over my life, (cortisone is now only lasting 4 - 6 weeks) my GP prescribed Tramadol to try and help with the pain, it didn’t and the side effects were horrendous.

In January this year I went to see a surgeon recommended by Dr Rearden, Mr Marsh. I was so desperate; one part of me was scared Mr Marsh would say ‘no operation’ that I wasn’t a good candidate, the other part of me was scared he was going to say yes, lets operate – my operation is scheduled for 6th June 2007. I am frightened, scared, nervous, you name it. Even my pre-op assessment (16th May) makes me nervous. My next injection is scheduled for the 18th April, my last one before the op.

My company have bought me a coccyx chair, it has made such a difference, and I have been told I can take the chair home when I have my operation. The chair was recommended by someone on this website. Unfortunately it is not easy to get hold of but for anyone who is interested it is a Mayline 9413AG. It is made by an American company who do not ship to the UK. The company we use for our normal office furniture also has an outlet in the US, and they shipped the chair over, definitely worth the hassle.

To anyone who has had the operation recently, how are you coping? do you have any advice for me? I would love to hear from fellow sufferers.

My thanks once again to Jon for this website, I have lost count of how many times I have read everyone’s e-mails. I would also like to say thank you to my wonderful friends and family for their support.

Best wishes and good luck to you all


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