I have been suffering for 10 years and 10 months with this coccyx and left SI joint pain

Sherry - Sherrybear23@msn.com

Posted 2007-07-29

First of all thank you for your website, I wish I would have found it sooner. My name is Sherry and on September 4, 1996 I gave birth to my second child, a healthy 9lb. 9oz. baby boy! The doctors had previously stopped my labor on 2 other occasions and I feel they should have let me deliver him then. It was only 2 weeks early and my daughter who was born previous to him on Feb. 4, 1991 was 7lb. 9oz. and she was 3 weeks early. I told my gynecologist that the family doctor who delivered my daughter said I should not deliver a baby bigger than her naturally or I would have problems. My daughter was a 12 hour labor and delivery and we had trouble getting her through the birth canal. Well the Gynecologist said I guess we proved that doctor wrong. Yes, and here I lay almost 11 years later in excruciating pain because of his mistake or poor judgment in the delivery room.

Let me just say my medical file is 3 inches thick from trying to find a source of relief. This includes going to chiropractors, neurologist, neurosurgeons, rheumatologists, orthopaedic surgeons, 6 different physical therapy programs, many nerve block injections at the pain clinic, several psychologists due to the fact I am getting no help and now wanting to die due to the amount of pain I am in and everyone thinks I look normal so they want me to get up and get at it.

I am currently on disability after working my whole life. My son blames himself and I have to remind him that I asked God for him and he is a precious gift and we are lucky that neither of us died that day. His delivery started with rupturing my membranes. Two hours later he was born. However he was facing the wrong way so they had to get him turned. They used forceps and the vacuum on his poor head several times over and over. Finally toward the end, they asked me to lift my butt off the table. I looked at them and said excuse me, I am 9 mos. pregnant and perhaps you could lift my butt off the table for me. Everyone in the room lifted my entire butt and legs off the table. The doctor put one leg up and one leg down and pulled on my son's head with the forceps and vacuum. Then he switched the legs position all the while of having everyone lift my butt in the air and pulling on the poor kids head. I didn't like seeing panic on the doctor and the residents faces, but at that point I was praying to God and then I felt my whole low back just go "Capoot" out from beneath me. Mind you I didn't get an episiodomy until the very end because he thought it would be best to just let me tear along the previous tear from my daughter's birth. And as far as pain relief, I had a tiny dose of nubane or demeral and that was it. It was too close to the delivery so he refused to give me anything else. And no I did not have an epidural.

After going to my room, one of the nurses commented on the amount of blood under me. I didn't even feel it nor did I feel the several times that I messed my pants at home. About two weeks later I final called my Gynecologists office for the last time and said look I feel like I am sitting on a jagged knife and it hurts bad. I realize my son was big, but they said well it just takes time for everything to go back into place. Excuse me? They brought me in for an x-ray but doubted my tailbone had broken because he didn't hear it "pop". How could he hear it pop when I was screaming my lungs out without pain meds. and delivering a large baby and breaking my back?

My marriage is ruined and I want a divorce for the lack of his love and support for me giving him a son. This is my second marriage. MY PRAYERS have been finally answered, I found a neurosurgeon who is going to remove my coccyx that was fractured and also fix my twisted and turned sacroiliac joint that the other doctors told me doesn't move. You squeeze a 9lb. 9oz. baby through that birth canal then and tell me it doesn't move. My thunks and pops on a daily basis and shoots the sciatica pain down my leg. I had my MRI on Monday and my bone scan today all within a week of going to a new ER and then two days later in the Neurosurgeons office. I am so ecstatic I never thought the day would come where I would find a doctor who would tell me yes here is your problem and I can help you with it.

Sorry to say my husband isn't very supportive. I asked him what would be the best time in August for me to get this surgery I have been hoping and praying for. His response was work was having a canoe outing and a golf outing and then there was the picnic at the new baseball diamonds followed with a minor league game. Excuse me when have I had a fun day in this marriage? After breaking my back and trying to be a normal wife and mother and being put down by my mother in law and others who don't understand what I am going through?

I will have my parents be at my surgery. I was suicidal from the pain back in May and my loving husband told me to quit talking about it and just do it. I don't think I will have him attend or make any legal decisions on my behalf while I am under.

Please pray this surgery is a success as my daughter is now 16 but was 5 when this happened and her and her brother need their mother to be healthy again. My son will be 11 and he has never known me to be healthy and be able to get around good. Thank you again for your website and good information. My mind is made up for the surgery. I don't have a very good quality of life and I have to try something. I will try to return and let you all know how the surgeon outcome is.

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