It hurts so bad!

Monique -

Posted 2007-11-18

Hello I'm Monique and coming from the Netherlands. I broke my tailbone 5.5 months ago, and it hurts soooooo bad! They have given me 3 injections with kenacort and it didn't help at all.

For me to read all the stories its not so easy (I read and speak English, but so long time to sit, and I do not understand everything.)

I hear from some people around me that it takes mostly one year to recover. I still hope! I must think that it is going better, because if I don't I get crazy!

My story is that we have a party (otazu jewelry) and my husband and a good friend of us, were laughing and dancing and..... I sit on a high chair and ... my husband came with his feet under my high chair and...... HERE I GO...... I fell on my tailbone!

We have a little girl of 4 years old. I fell so bad, I'm crying and thinking about my little girl (I really can not do things with her to play). Sometimes she see me crying, and I m still angry with my husband and our friend. They go to their work (we have our own jewelry shop) and have fun. I'm sitting at home..... I can not believe that this is happening to me! It is a very bad nightmare.

Thursday I go to the neurologist. I really don't know what to do. I have whiplash pain, migraine, my back. my body hurts everywhere. But.... I must think my tailbone is getting better! That's the only thing I must think!!!!!

Lots of love for everyone, and sorry for my not so good English.

xxx Monique.

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