Professional horse-rider with coccydynia needs solutions

Nicole -

Posted 2007-10-21

Have been experiencing pain in coccyx area around 3 months now. It's only mild discomfort most of the time however I ride horses for a living and now I can't horseride as the pain becomes too intense. Have had x-rays & bone scans (all clear - show nothing), seen physio & osteo (no relief) and finally saw a spinal specialist today. He gave me a cortisone injection into the area but right now it feels worse than usual. He suggested I need to design and build a special saddle with a hole/depression to remove pressure from the coccyx area (any ideas anyone?).

I'm wondering if there are any Aussies reading this who can recommend a REALLY GOOD SPECIALIST. I need a solution so I can continue in my job. Like many, I have found that most doctors and practitioners are quite unfamiliar with coccydynia and I am becoming quite depressed. Reading this website is helpful but also scary as it sounds like there are plenty of people out there suffering worse than me. I hope mine doesn't get worse! Anyway, would love to hear from anyone with any help, advice, support,



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