WOW I am NOT alone

Lynne -

Posted 2007-12-02

I am so thrilled to have found this page! I thought I was being ridiculous about my problems, but now I know I'm not.

I fell down the stairs in April 2006. Oh boy, that was something else. I braved the sweat and pain for four days before going to my doctor. He thought I'd probably dislocated my coccyx but because its so damn difficult to see it on x-ray or sonar, sent me to a specialist.

We started by manipulating the area to re-locate the bone. I thought my heart was actually going to stop! We tried this twice with injections for the swelling and pain. I was told that this sort of injury could take anything from 8 months to a year to heal.

So I handled it until I had to sell my business in November 2006 because I just couldn't sit long enough to be productive, and I could hardly sit, walk, or do anything much really.

We removed the coccyx in March 2007. We discovered that the tail had broken off completely anyway so no wonder I had the problems. I had a bit of damage to the left side of the spine where the bone had rubbed, but was assured I'd be right as rain before long. Like everyone on the page has said, it doesn't take too long for the incision for the op to heal and I healed nicely.

But the tail never gave up. Gradually the pain is getting worse. I went back to the surgeon who has done two injections for inflammation and pain, both of which made the area extremely angry and both injections took four days to calm down - neither had any affect on the problem. He thought I might be forming a seroma but that's as far as we've got.

I really don't want to be running in circles with this. Its already cost me my income and at 48 its already hard enough to earn an income without being honest about not being able to sit for long periods of time and therefore can't honestly take on a full time job. I can't (and it seems to be getting worse) drive long distances either - or sit in traffic! Its so damn infuriating, frustrating and depressing!

Its heading to Christmas and here in South Africa everything comes to a stand-still in December. But next year I'll be attempting to tackle this problem head-on. I am in the process of fighting a claim against my insurers for a permanent impairment so I can use those funds to get some pain management or something else. Although the policy wording is for impairment, naturally the insurers do not want to pay out (and it isn't a huge amount) for the spine saying ALL evidence shows 100% recovery - Needless to say, I will be pointing their grubby little bottoms in this direction to do a bit of reading!

I'll be checking out all the different methods of pain relief described on the page and will update you next year.

Once again its been enlightening having somewhere to share this and to have others with the exact problems I'm having. Wonderful to those who have managed to find the relief and I feel for all those, like me, who are battling.

Have a wonderful Holiday Period and a fantastic New Year.

Bi for now


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