Had injection, waiting for it to work

Jodie - mad4jeans@yahoo.co.uk

Posted 2007-03-04

I'm 27 and a mother of three, I started to have pain in my coccyx approx 7 months ago, it was a pain from the sitting position to standing. If I relaxed it was worse, if I sat on soft or hard chairs it hurt, and also hurt sometimes on bending and lying, but mostly painful from sitting to standing. Out of nowhere, no cause. I didn't have a fall etc, not from childbirth as my youngest is nearly 4, so I suppose I am one of those which the pain for no apparent reason.

I went to the doctors, who told me to take voltrol, he didn't check me, I just explained where the pain was, he told me to come back in 6 weeks.

So 6 weeks later I was back. The pain was bad but hadn't improved, I told him its not getting any better, so he referred me to the orthopedic at the local hospital...

So my appointment came for the hospital and I went on 22nd December, the doctor just examined me felt my spine etc, and said it was my coccyx, all my symptoms also suggest this, and offered me the cortisone injection, the look on the nurses face put me off and I chickened this injection..... regretfully!!!

Waited 2 more months to have this injection which I was dreading, I had the injection 26th Feb. 2007 so its only been 2 days, it hurt quite a bit having it done, but soon he pain of the injection went, that night I thought the pain had gone.. it was obviously the local anesthetic in the injection, which has now worn off, the pain is worse than before, but it has only been 2 days...

I will keep you posted on the outcome of my injection.

Jodie x

Update 2007-03-25

I have had the cortisone injection for approx. 4 weeks now and its brill, nearly all the pain has gone, only very slight in a really relaxed position. I was just wondering how long they last?

Please feel free to email me...mad4jeans@yahoo.co.uk

Thank you x

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