A new way of using a kneeling stool for coccyx injury

Jane - Jane.Braybrook@q4technologies.com

Posted 2007-07-15


Eighteen months ago I injured my coccyx doing horse riding. Any sort of sitting down was impossible - I tried ball, kneeling stool, everything I could think of. Eventually I found that sitting backwards on my kneeing stool enabled me to work at my computer and totally relieved the pain. Also I got no pain or pins and needles in my legs / knees. It took 6 months to heal properly, but I didn't need any time off work (luckily I work from home anyway).

Two days ago my teenage son landed on his coccyx after over rotating a back somersault on his trampoline. He's doing exactly as I did. In this position he's in no pain and able to continue playing his games on the internet.

It takes a bit of trial end error to get just right and you'll probably need to adjust your stool height. Set your computer up on a coffee table. We both found a feather cushion on the bum pad makes for more comfort. I liked to sit on one as well, but my son prefers it without.

Unconventional, but it works and keeps the boredom at bay.

Hope this helps someone else.


kneeling stool backwards

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