Tailbone ruining my life

Carolyn - merrillfam@netzero.net

Posted 2007-02-11

I've had pain in my tailbone for almost a year now. I've talked to the Dr. about it often and haven't gotten any relief. He did order an MRI which showed nothing unusual except some swelling in the area which the radiologist determined couldn't be causing the pain. I'm not sure I believe that. What I think, is that the swelling is there as a result of something else being wrong. I don't know what though.

I used to just have pain sitting or from sitting to standing. Now I pretty much hurt all the time. Even sometimes when I'm lying down. I've given up for a while trying to fix it because its just so frustrating. Its going on a year now and I'd really like to do something about it because it effects my everyday life. I don't even go to church anymore because I can't sit on the pew for 5 minutes without wanting to rip my hair out.

It really is affecting my life in a negative way and I've got to do something about it soon. At least start being more pro-active in trying to relieve it. I've read about lots of options that people have tried and am wondering if getting cortizone shots is a good place to start. I'd appreciate anyone's input.

Thanks so much


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