My tailbone was inflexible

Justin -

Posted 2007-07-29

I just wanted to share my experience of coccyx pain and how I manage it (with help from my chiropractor).

About three years ago I changed my car and almost immediately began to have strange feelings in my legs and lower back - mainly numbness in the backs of my thighs, and then in my lower spine. Over a period of months (when I would be driving every day to and from work) I tried all sorts of different seating positions, cushions etc, to no avail, and eventually I could not take a car journey over 15 minutes without coccyx pain. It felt like bruising, even though I had not taken a fall or such like.

The next stage was pain when sitting in any seat, including at work, where I would find myself wriggling around all day trying to avoid the pain. Eventually, after about a year of trouble it got to the stage where I would dread sitting anywhere, preferring to lie on the bed or on the sofa. A local chiropractor was not able to help at all, but then I happened across this site and made contact with Michael Durtnall at the Sayer Clinic in Kensington (see Doctors and specialists in the UK).

Michael has really helped to drastically reduce the pain to the extent that for about a year, I had almost no pain at all. His combination of therapies has worked extremely well and I would thoroughly recommend his practice. (I hear that he even has patients from overseas). It appears that my tailbone was inflexible and pulled to one side by muscles trying to compensate.

I visit Michael on a regular basis which suits me very well as he also sees to my general posture etc. Michael advised me to change my office chair and take more exercise, which I did, and I have also changed my car, all of which have made a difference.

I have just recently experienced an increase in pain, feeling like stinging in the tailbone and discomfort like mild bruising. I associate this in particular with airline seats - specifically low-cost airline seats. Being 6 feet 2 inches these create a lot of problems for me and I try to avoid as much as possible. Other causes are being a few pounds overweight (Michael likes to remind me of this, rightfully so!), and needing to take more aerobic exercise. I think tiredness and stress also are contributory factors.

However, a combination of me tackling these issues together with Michael's ongoing support will hopefully see the discomfort subside again.


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