Yoga exercise suggested

R. Sood

Posted 2007-02-25

Dear Friends,

I am a male 45 years age. I started suffering from this bottom pain 5 months back, I think it happened because of my long flights from Bangkok to US, Europe and I was working too long on computers, sometimes sitting 5-6 hours at a time. I also had a small fall from a chair. The doctors have X rayed but found nothing on the bone. They say the ligaments are the cause of pain. Well, I had some steroids injections and they helped for a month (50%) relief.

I was traveling on a flight from BKK to New Delhi when I had this gentleman sitting next to me. Seeing me sitting on a cushion he asked me what my problem was. I explained him in details what it was. Well here is what he told me. He mentioned me he is 90% cured from the same problem which he mentioned was much worse than I had. Solution is he did YOGA for 6 months, 4 times a week under a guidance of a YOGA expert. Mainly stretch exercises, lie on your stomach raise your hands and legs upwards. This is called trying to make a U with your body.

I have joined Yoga now and I will keep you all posted. Try to do Yoga for 3-4 hours, who knows this might work. I too am suffering so I would like to share this with all of you. I know how terrible life is having to live with this pain 24x7.

Best Regards

R. Sood

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