Feedback on Dr. Foye in New Jersey, USA


Posted 2007-07-15

I located Dr. Foye via this website (see Doctors and specialists in the USA), traveling from New York City to New Jersey to see him. Dr. Foye, a physiatrist, has been great to work with caring, patient and thorough. He and his medical resident did an incredibly comprehensive initial examination that lasted nearly an hour, and he has been readily accessible by both email and phone with any and all questions I've had, providing detailed answers and suggestions. Since many of his patients travel from out of town to see him, he considers this just "good customer service." I feel that I have found someone who is both knowledgeable about and committed to the problem and who will partner with me on finding an answer to this frustrating condition.

I think Dr. Foye's attitude is best summed up in a comment he made in one email to me: "I love my job, and years ago I chose coccydynia as my focus area, mainly because so many patients have difficulties finding appropriate treatment and because the treatments here are usually very helpful (without surgery!). Thus, I find this extremely gratifying."

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