I feel like I'm the pain ={

Christine - christine.morris@mchsi.com

Posted 2007-12-09

My oh my this sucks.... I hope you are not serious that this is gonna last years. A week ago I had a cold and sneezed which caused me to cough and in the process of buckling over I rammed my @** into the armrest of my couch.. OUCH!!! Now I can't sit at all.

I called the doctor and told him I think I bruised my tailbone. He said " If its bruised it takes 8 weeks to heal". I think ok. what's 8 weeks, it'll fly.

Week 1 and this sucks. I sit on my floor to wrap presents and shifted wrong, I got a shooting PAIN all the way up my back and neck. A few hours ago I cried so bad when (again sitting on the floor) my son needed a diaper change and he run to my arms and I lifted him up over my head and heard a pop. I feel like crap because now I can't pick him up. Now my husband is gonna have to do a lot more work. if anyone can tell me that their pain lasted only a little while... Please enlighten me.

Thanks for listening and thanks for all the other heartfelt stories.

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