Mysterious onset of coccyx pain

Sharon Ryan -

Posted 2007-09-16

Hi, I was minding my own business, working at my job as a hospital receptionist, when I started to feel bruised in my tail bone area..

Having had no trauma to the area, no fall, I tried to ignore the ever increasing pain in my tail, began standing up at my work station rather than suffer the acute hideous pain ( which resembles sitting on a tennis ball made entirely of chilli).

I particularly felt agonising pain on rising from sitting, so much so, that it made me cry out! This drove me to see my GP. I thought I had a massive tumour on my tail ( or that some cruel ninja had crept up in the night and shoved a great ball of chilli somewhere unmentionable!)

Terrible..... I waited 2 agonising months to see the specialist to which my GP referred me. By this time I was so wretched, I could hardly walk 10 yards before the tennis ball of chilli made its presence felt, sitting was an absolute no-no, and even laying down on my side, I had to turn regularly lest the ball of chilli make its self known.

When I finally got to see the specialist, I wasn't x-rayed... He seemed to think I had fallen or traumatised the area.. I think I would have remembered that!!!!!

When he tried to examine me, my pain was so acute that he wasn't able to anything too thorough, and he promptly put me on the waiting list to have manual manipulation and the injection of a therapeutic substance into the joint, under general anaesthetic. Which carries a 60 per cent success rate.

This scared the pants off me... so I sought a second opinion of sorts in the form of a physiotherapist who gave me exercises, advised amytriptiline, and the purchase of a do-nut pillow, she definitely advised against there was no trauma, my coccyx was obviously degenerated and therefore would not respond to manipulation... in fact, she went as far as saying that it may make matters worse!!!!!

So, what to do??? I have no idea whether to remove myself from the waiting list or not! The exercises have helped marvellously with my pelvic floor, which suffered horrible from standing up all my waking hours for three months! My wonderful husband purchased my a do-nut cushion at an exorbitant price, which I have to say is absolutely brill.... but take the cushion away and I am still a pain filled wreck!

Having read some of the experiences of other sufferers, I feel sorry that there are so many of us sufferers, mostly long term victims of an almost invisible disease... terrible. Good luck to all, I hope you all get better!

Kind regards, Sharon Ryan... Northants, UK

Update, 2008-07-20

Hi every one! I hope you guys have fared better than myself! I have now been at the mercy of my devilish tail for approx 18 months and I am afraid to say that I feel that I will have this affliction forever! Exercise helped, in the fact that the huge feeling of swelling in the back passage became smaller, but never completely disappeared.

But now that Exercise has stopped becoming effective, I am back to square one! I am very disheartened, although the pain doesn't make me yell out anymore, its still enormously uncomfortable and I find my working day a hideous minefield.

I am a receptionist who mainly sits, but have to leave my seat occasionally to follow up queries from patients... leaving my seat always involves immense pain which I must try to disguise and it is beginning to get me very cross.

Where did this torture come from and where will it end?!!!!

Thanks to Diane, a fellow sufferer , for sending me info that may link coccyx pain to thyroid dysfunction, a very interesting lead that I shall follow!

The worst thing is, that colleagues do not take my pain seriously, and even find it a source of amusement! horrendous! I hope one day to be able to sit where I want, for as long as I want! And I wish you all the same. Do take care, and I wish you all the very best! ..xx Sharon Ryan Northants UK.

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