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My story is similar to quite a few on this site. First, I must thank Jon for creating this and helping me find relief. In January, 2007 I stood up after a very long meeting and said "ow" out loud because of some sharp pain. A few days later, my bum would hurt when I sat. After a long drive, the pain was so bad I thought something was terribly wrong with me. I knew no one with this problem and it was embarrassing to discuss. It got so bad I went to my internist, who sent me to my gynecologist with the incorrect diagnosis of a tilted uterus. A gastroenterologist had no clue and a rheumatologist said take Aleve and sit on a doughnut. After four medical doctors could not find the reason for this pain, I continued searching the web and self diagnosed myself.

I decided to go to an orthopedic surgeon. He finally gave me the coccygodynia diagnosis that I wanted, prescribed Naprosyn and back exercises and told me to come back in 2 months if it wasnít better. I was naÔve. A diagnosis is not a cure and the pain got worse so didnít go back. I then tried a chiropractor who tried very hard to ease my pain as she too had suffered from it and knew what I was talking about, but it didnít help. Neither did a massage therapist.

My saving grace was Bryan Ruchin a physical therapist in Cumming, Georgia - see Doctors and specialists in the USA. (Telephone 770-887-0502, with the Atlanta Rehabilitation & Performance Center. Email: bryanruchin@yahoo.com.) I flew to Atlanta to see him as there are no expert listings in my state.

How I wish I had done that immediately upon feeling this pain and thatís why Iím writing; hoping I can help someone save precious time, energy and money by starting with an expert.

Bryan is great. He replied to my email, called me, set up an appointment that I know was earlier than heís used to, and his receptionist Kim is so kind. He gave me a thorough assessment and decided I needed an internal adjustment. No problem for me! My coccyx was turned to the left and was beginning to flip over. But, the best part is, Bryan is still trying to figure out WHY this happened which will prevent it happening again.

Bryan has studied this problem. He has helped 100s of people get relief. I wish I could keep up a regular regime with him, but I wonít hesitate to visit again if I canít get this under control locally. I believe as Bryan says, my piriformis muscles spasm. What we donít know is what happened first? The coccyx moved and the muscle spasmed or did the muscle spasm and the coccyx moved?

If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to email me. And if you need to get your coccyx fixed go to Bryan. He will give you your life back.

Update, 2008-10-05

Louisiana, I found someone!

If youíre in a hurry, just skip to the bottom for someone who might be able to help you. If you like reading all the places Iíve been so you donít feel like youíre the only one doing this search, keep reading.

Itís been almost a year since I had my coccyx manually realigned. Unfortunately it was not a cure. My piriformis created such a problem; I went to see a physical therapist. Even though Bryan Ruchin called them, there was no improvement to my condition. My coccyx area was also hurting again.

Next stop, a physiatrist (a doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation), a specialty Bryan also recommended for me. They specialize in restoring optimal function to people with injuries to muscles, bones, tissues, and nervous systems (Wikipedia). After doing an MRI of my back (no pelvic or coccyx showed up on the film) and doing nerve conduction tests which ruled out other serious medical problems, she injected my piriformis with Botox. I also started with a new physical therapist.

The pain was unrelenting and through Jonís site again, I found the words I needed to google ("positional MRI") and found a place in Baton Rouge that did standing and sitting MRIs. I just wanted to see what was going on! My doctor agreed to send me there (oh how painful to sit for 20 minutes on a hard surface without moving!). Results read my coccyx moves 90 degrees upon sitting and 22 degrees is normal. So, again, thanks to Jonís site, I bring the print out of Ganglion Impar block directions to my doctor.

She doesnít do those, but she brought in a pain management physician who did give me this injection under fluoroscopy and anesthesia. About 2 weeks later for the follow up, I reported that the pain was an 8 and now was a 4. We agreed that another shot may bring it down to a 2 and another one, dare I say, zero? But, by this time, my SI joint was killing me. So, my next injection, again under fluoroscopy and anesthesia, was two shots, one ganglion impar block and one in the SI joint.

Again I got relief, but not after some pain for over a week. The pain management doctor suggested I see an urogynocologist, but the one I found on the internet turned out to be just a urologist, however, he did seem knowledgeable in coccyx issues, just not knowledgeable enough. He sent me to my third physical therapist (PT) and now this story is getting good.

The new PT realized she didnít know how to help me and she stepped out of the room to see if any of her coworkers could. They couldnít, but they knew of a PT in town who worked on coccyx. It was the first time I had ever heard that someone in Baton Rouge knew anything about the coccyx. What a road I took to find my fourth and maybe final PT.

I went to see Richard Lane at BRPT-Lake, 503 Colonial Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70806. 225-231-3800, - see Doctors and specialists in the USA and proudly recommend him to become the first specialist from Louisiana. Please note all of these "coccyx" pains and problems are different. Ricky is able to help me because mine is a muscular issue.

He cannot help you over the phone. You will need to make an appointment (and you may need a doctorís prescription to do that) so he can evaluate your condition. He also wants to see me (and others) in conjunction with seeing a medical doctor. My medical doctor will be a colon rectal doctor but my appointment isnít until later this month.

During my first visit, he used ART on me and that, along with his other techniques, has released my piriformis. Naturally, now other muscles have to adjust to this action so Iím still not pain free. I do feel improvement and noted I was sitting flat in a hard chair with no discomfort whatsoever. What a shock! I do have good days and bad, but hopefully the good will soon outweigh the bad.

You may email me at lilylandry@gmail.com if you have questions or comments.

Update, 2009-03-22

Louisiana, I had to find someone else!

My 4th physical therapist did not completely cure me, but I did find Susan Carver Giglio (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Louisiana) who I believe will!

When my PT visits with Ricky Lane ran out on my insurance, I had to go to a doctor to get another PT prescription. By this time, my sacroiliac (SI) joint was still hurting. Since the previous 10 physicians I had visited were not familiar enough with this condition to fix it, I randomly picked Dr. John Clark (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Louisiana) out of the Baton Rouge phone book because his listing was under Acupuncture and I was ready to try anything.

Dr. Clark x-rayed my pelvis lying down and 2 standing while I dropped one of my legs off the side of the stool. He said there was nothing wrong with my bones, so it must be tissue. I tried 2 rounds of prolotherapy but still had pain. However, I also had to go to physical therapy and Dr. Clark suggested Susan Giglio, an angel J!

I began this road 2 Ĺ years ago with coccygodynia which led to piriformis syndrome, then SI joint dysfunction, ani levator syndrome, sciatica, hamstring issues, and probably pudendal nerve entrapment. My whole right cheek hurt and sometimes not even when I was just sitting! All of this conditions could be placed under pelvic floor dysfunction. Susan uses trigger point therapy and skin rolling techniques to relax the inflamed and swollen muscles that are crushing my nerves. During my entire appointment, her hands are working on these painful spots, some in areas that I did not realize were painful.

Dr. Clark says he sees over 100 patients like me, unfortunately, the causes are 100 different things. It requires a hit-and-miss approach. He missed on the prolotherapy for me, but he hit a homerun with Susan Giglio. Susan agreed that each case is different and for once, I may be one of the lucky ones on this site (thanks again Jon) who can be pain free. Maybe she can help you.

If you think your issue is muscular, find an expert in Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Also if you have questions, feel free to email me at lilylandry@gmail.com

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