Coccyx pain treatments

Bruce LaBrecque -

Posted 2007-04-01

As you already know, this is a tough problem. My name is Bruce LaBrecque. I am an RN and a physical therapist. I am the Women's Health Administrator at Covenant Healthcare in Saginaw, MI (also Frankenmuth MI). I see many of these patients with both isolated coccyx pain as well as in combination with more diffuse pain patterns. Patients have ranged from 10 years old to 80+ years old. Most patients achieve 80% to 100% resolution of pain. Our program (for the most part) utilizes manual therapy, myofascial release and appropriate exercises. We will also use limited modalities as appropriate.

The most important thing we do is perform a thorough, appropriate evaluation to start with and we recognize that these patients are different from the typical "back pain" patient. Our treatment protocols focus on empowering the patient. Most of our patients do well over the long term with adherence to their home program. Many of our patients are either prenatal or postpartum. some are men or children and some are middle age or older. Some describe traumatic onsets and some describe an insidious onset. We are committed to providing exceptional care to our patients and as I have already mentioned, we focus on empowerment for our patients.

I teach a level I course for PTs called "Pelvic Abdominal Dysfunction - a biomechanical treatment approach" and next month, (April 2007) I will be introducing a new two-day course for PTs entitled "Evaluation and Manual Treatment of Pelvic Pain and Pelvic floor Dysfunction".

Good Luck in your endeavors to provide helpful information to individuals with this difficult problem.

Bruce M. LaBrecque RN, PT

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