Significant reduction in pain following injection

Laura Farmer -

Posted 2007-05-06

I have had severe tailbone pain for 3 years and was unable to sit, stand or lay comfortably. It affected every aspect of my life. I was told by 2 different Physicians that my MRI was normal and there was nothing that could be done for my pain. In a last ditch effort to find a miracle, I started searching the internet for some answers. What I found was you're website and Dr. Foye - what a Godsend! (See doctors and specialists in the USA.)

I called his office and scheduled a consultation. His staff contacted me and coordinated via phone and email everything that would be needed to get me there (900 miles away) in just 2 weeks. They coordinated my office visit, acquiring seated x-rays, insurance approval and the actual coccyx injection to occur during a short 2 day trip. I was scared to death, but Dr. Foye and his staff were unbelievable. Dr. Foye himself probably spent a minimum of 3 hours with me personally to make sure I understood all the test results, the procedure itself and what to expect afterward. He even went to the waiting room to talk with my husband.

It has been 6 days since my injection and I am very happy to report a significant reduction in pain - at least 60 % and still dropping. I was actually able to sit in my airplane seat on my way home for 2 1/2 without getting up. (A huge improvement from the trip up to New Jersey)

Even if there were a Physician closer to my home, I would still return to Dr. Foye for this problem. I am so looking forward to finally enjoying my life without pain.

Laura Farmer

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